Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Allow me to introduce myself...


Greetings from a woman in search of her word. I am that blogging, female, 19-year old, passionate and loving student activist. I am constantly seeking knowledge. I consider myself an eternal student of the world.

As a Communications major, I have become bored with my classes. Of course, there have been some enlightening lectures, but for the most part I kind of regret not majoring in something else. But because I like to finish what I start, I'm gonna stick it out. I may even add another major. At least, I will add a minor.

Many have told me, it's not too late to major in something else. I agree, but I would have to say that it is too late for me to major in something I think I'm falling in love with which is design. Many design majors that I know tell me how hard it is and how there have been many sleepless nights. And because I'm a third year and just starting the design major, I would probably have to stay a couple extra years. I am not certain that I really want to do that, but I do now that I am going to try my hardest to work with some form or design after my undergraduate career is over.

Now, I'm going to let you all know why I am so interested in why I love design.

People have always seemed to be impressed with my sense of style. In a way, I would describe it as the way in which I choose the design of the presentation of myself to others. I do not put myself in a box of what I can and cannot wear---there are no boundaries. I think that is a great characteristic of both art and design. It seems that nothing is off limits. I love how there are so many ways a shoe can look and how one small change in detail of room decoration can make a big difference.

The problem with my fascination of design is that I am never set of one aspect of it. I have aspirations of wanting to design a backpack but I can also see myself as an interior designer. The possibilities are endless. This is not a totally bad situation though. Maybe with hard work, I can do both and everything in between. After all, design is everywhere!