Monday, November 29, 2010

Color Transforms: Sports Car Edition.

When I think about Mercedes Benz, I do not think eco-friendly. I think luxury, fast, beauty. Fortunately, they are changing the way they do things for the future. The Mercedes Biome is said to be created with organic materials and to only emit oxygen when on the road. That sounds like a good combination to me: luxury + eco-friendly.




Take a close look at the Mercedes-Benz Biome.

What are the colors you see? White, black, and a hint of silver, correct? These colors make the car look very modern, if not futuristic. Can you image this car in any of the CMYK colors? I cannot and I think it is because with the design of the Biome comes simplicity. Adding color would only take away from that.

When thinking about depictions of the future, can you recall ever seeing bright colors? Some ideas I recall are simple and dark. There are no loud or cool colors.

Any thoughts about this design and the interaction of color?

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  1. depends, if future taken as cyberprep then probably some happy brights...