Monday, November 1, 2010

Objectified: Form & Content

The film, Objectified, was nothing short of amazing. There were many designers that shared their wisdom and opinions on the design of everyday objects.

Henry Ford said, "Every object tells a story, if you know how to read it." I connected this to the fact that bows and arrows were not able to be used interchangeably. This was very inconvenient for soldiers when in war. The bow and arrow was made for a purpose so there was form and content was present but there was no standardization. This did not allow things to flow smoothly. Putting great design into everyday objects comes in here.

With great design comes an easier life. When things are designed well, there is not a question of having to make any improvements to it. Good design can be described as long lived, consistent, environmentally friendly, innovative and having a presence of aesthetics.

Once again, the perfect example of the above is Apple, Inc. They have the content and form of their products. Johnathan Ive, Vice President of Design at Apple says that they are constantly designing and considering all the elements of their objects.

Today, form does not bear as much relation to content as it used to.

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