Monday, November 29, 2010

Design in Society: The Canteen

Plastic and aluminum and glass... OH MY!! The United States is indeed a consumer society. This is something that gets reconfirmed in my mind when I think about the crazy incidents that ofetn take place on "Black Friday" and when I think about how many plastic bottles I've used in the last three years as an undergraduate student. Landfills continue to be filled with these material when they should be recycled, if not eliminated from use all together.

With the wide spread knowledge about climate change, it's interesting to know that many folks continue to pollute the earth by making the conscious decision to use products that are hard to get rid of once they are done being used. Often times, waste used by the US is sent to third word countries who also do not know how to make the best of the situation. One design that dates back to the times of World War II, but will function as a tool to use less plastic, aluminum and glass, as well as slow down climate change, is the canteen.


The canteen is a container that will help people in today's society because they will only need one of these containers for their entire lives, unless something drastic happens in which the canteen is lost or damaged.

I am unsure if this was the original idea for the canteen but I am happy that it is able to serve this purpose. The canteen is a great design because it is an easy way for people to alter the state of the environment in a major way.


Now, they are even made more aesthetically beautiful as you can see in the above photo. Simple designs like the canteen can definitely improve society as we know it. Buy a canteen! It's good for you!

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